About The Sniff

The Sniff is your home for all things perfume. Here you will find reviews of interesting scents, recommendations of what to wear each season and a veritable host of perfume related articles.

Our aim is to provide no nonsense reviews without blinding you with jargon. The perfume world can be a snooty place, but we want to make it accessible to anyone who is interested. All you have to do is sniff….

Whilst many of the perfumes you will find here are slightly unusual or niche, we don’t confine ourselves to any one particular “type” of scent. If we think it’s interesting then we will review it, from perfumes themselves, to perfume shops and destinations.

Reviews posted here are totally independent. If we have received samples or testers free of charge from perfume companies, we will clearly note that in the review.

Find us on Twitter @thesniffwebsite, or on Facebook, search The Sniff.


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